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Crime Case : Bank Robbery


Bank robbery is the crime of stealing from a bank while bank employees, and usually bystanders, are subjected to force, violence or the threat of violence.A large group of robbers is going to rush the bank in USA, they are subjected to loot the entire bank. They can harm the civilians out there.Being a member of anti terrorist team we selected you to accomplish this mission, Equip yourself with highly modified weapons to save the robbery and the civilians too. You would need to take a hard-core action with your weapons against these ruthless gangsters.This is an ultimate bank robbery crime scene case, you have to complete all missions to be on top.-Play generously and demolish their plans. GAME FEATURES:. Realistic FPS controls and shooting. Amazing 3d Environment and graphics.. Guns, medical packs, and shield to protect yourself.. Upgrade your weapons.. Get free gifts.. Be on the top of Leaderboard.. InApp purchases.